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Our Papers

Giclée printing allows for a huge range of fine art papers to be used. We have chosen a great selection of media so that you can have choice between great affordable pricing whilst maintaining beautiful quality prints and high museum grade fine art prints that will last a lifetime.

Semi-Gloss 210gsm

This paper is the lightest of the three and has a partially glossed surface, similar to the finish of a magazine page. There isn’t as much reflection as a full gloss paper which is what a typical photograph would be classed as. The gloss allows the colours to come through full and vibrant.

Matte 230gsm

This is a thicker paper with a matte surface, is slightly off-white, and is textured. This is a great matte paper which is similar to a books page. Matte paper allows ink to soak into it meaning you get richer and deeper colours, especially when it comes to darker colours.

Archival Matte 300gsm

300gsm is typical for a heavy weight fine art paper. This paper is textured similar to that of watercolour paper, is off-white, and has a matte surface. As with the matte paper, the inks soak fully into the top of the paper which allows full rich and deep colours in the print. This paper is specifically designed for high quality fine art printing and so it has a larger range of gamut of colour available. The archival quality is because it is not made with artificial whiteners also known as acids. These acids can break down ink over years, especially if the print is exposed to sunlight. Prints on this paper will last approximately 70 years under usual display conditions before showing signs of wear.


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