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What are Giclée prints?

What are Giclée prints?

Giclée (pronounced G-clay or ghee-clay) comes from the French word gicler which means to spatter or squirt. This refers to the process of ink-jet printing and the way that jets of ink are “squirted” onto the paper. This is in contrast to other types of printing, such as C-Type which uses lasers and light-sensitive paper, or screen prints and lithographic printing which both use separate sections of ink or paint applied to paper one at a time.

People have used ink-jet printers since they were introduced in the 1950’s and then they really became commercially available for people to use in their homes in the 90’s. However, the term Giclée usually refers specifically to fine art printing and a Giclée printer usually refers to a high-quality, large-format, ink-jet printer.

Giclée printing uses a huge range of papers with different weights, textures, and finishes. We use three different types of paper. Check out our blog on our paper to see more information.

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